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Where the Shelbs Are - Syerubi's Happy Space
January 2016
Sun, Jan. 10th, 2016 07:48 pm
Where the Shelbs Are

Oh Journal, so much has changed since the last time we last saw each others' rosy cheeks. I got some jobs, did some stuff, lost some important things to me, gained some beautiful new things, and, more important than anything else, am still surviving being myself by clinging tightly to intricately crafted fantasies and ridiculous self-aggrandizing delusions. Hahahaha!!! Yep. That's about right.

Actually, shockingly, I feel pretty okay about myself. I'm getting to where I need to be.

Since I guess I'll never throw off being a TV show junkie, I've become a dedicated Hulu enthusiast. I've been watching the new show previews; Superstore is a new comedy that's gonna be on (is on now?) NBC, and it's made by some of The Office people. It's cute, even though some of the humor is pretty tired. One of the characters is in a wheelchair. which is neat (though the actor isn't actually disabled, I don't think), but I'm getting kind of tired of the typical "I'm just messing with you" disabled character line where they make another character feel weird about talking about their disability. I dunno. Either laugh at yourself or don't, disabled characters! Don't dangle anyone over an ethical cliff.

Hmmm... I've recently gotten past some medical hurdles, which has been interesting and a little terrifying! It's nothing as bad as what some people have to go through, but for me it's been challenging. I'm really thankful to my sisters, who helped me so, so much, and my dad for staying around to help for so long, and for all the emotional support I had from everyone. I stayed in the hospital for a few days and had many interesting (cough cough) experiences there, and then got transferred to Kernan rehab center in Woodlawn--a place I never thought I'd find myself--and found out what an incredible place this particular center is. The nurses really cared, the doctors were extremely nice. I went to therapy a few times a day and saw so many different kinds of people on the path to recovery. There were elderly patients, people with spinal cord and brain injuries, people with cancer, and everyone was just trying to get better. A lady down the hall had dementia and would call out for help in the middle of the night, even though she wasn't in trouble. During the day I stopped into her room. She "talked on the phone" all day--she had an old phone from the '80s that wasn't plugged in, and she would just sit and talk into the receiver. I'll never forget what a weird but kind of cool experience being at Kernan was. I'm hoping to go back and volunteer when I feel strong enough.

I'm still living with Ms. P in Catonsville. I know I need to move out kind of soon, though. It's been fine, but I think I need my own space. I'm looking forward to being more independent! I'm even thinking about buying something... life seems full of stupid optimism!

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Wed, Jan. 13th, 2016 02:14 pm (UTC)

Hi hi hi Shelbs!

I'm glad to hear things are looking on up in your land. Hopefully you get yourself a big old plot of land. Remember the horse and the team of mules! Gotta ford those rivers right.

That sounds pretty tiring re: the disabled character on Superstore. I saw some adverts for it at work on TV/online/etc, and had sort of wondered how it was treated, or if the actor was disabled (that's a little exhausting if he isn't). Yawnsville.

Sorry to hear about the medical hurdles, but I'm glad they wound up being fairly positive in their own way. I'm amused to see ortho surgeons hit somewhere mid-to-top of the list on your raking post, so they must have behaved themselves (lol, this is a nurse thing... they just are sometimes kind of insufferable, depending, but there ARE good ones out there I know!). I hope whatever was going on went well! And I'm so very thrilled that your rehab center was a positive experience. Sometimes they just aren't, and that breaks my heart. They're so critical... obviously a hospital isn't the right place (and is too expensive anyway) to finish getting stronger. The sooner we can get someone out of there, the less beeping and dread diseases and annoying wake-ups we can have! So it's such an important thing, to have a good place to get SWOLE for home. :)

Hey hey if you want some HOT NON-BILL mail hit me up sometime! :) I'm not sure of your address, but feel free to PM me.

Take care! So glad to read this post!